Why Us

Iganga SS

The secondary curriculum (O and A levels) enables students to learn using an inter-disciplinary approach and to develop critical thinking, creativity and international-mindedness. Students obtain academic results that enable them to proceed to the next level of education; Senior 4 candidates move on to A level and Senior 6 candidates join tertiary institutions of their choice.


The Best Results

Iganga SS provides an outstanding academic education and enables students to obtain the best results in both academics and other actives.

UCE Results

Our O-Level cadidates have always made us happy as the school and the country at large, the students have been performing well with first grade , second grade and few in third grade

UACE Results

Many of our students who sit for the UACE Examinations in A-Level have been attaining high points to enable them attain high level of institutions

Excellent University Admission

Graduates from Iganga Secondary School, gain admission to top universities in the country and globally. On top of this they have always become very successfull people in the country

Community Service

The School boasts of a very vibrant community service programme, in which the students have been involved in anumber of projects and also have been involved in raising awareness of social and health issues affecting the youth through several sports related events.


Iganga SS has participates in a number of Schools Sports Activities as a single school, National and International sections. The school has also produced students who have represented at the district level and also national level.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the visitation day take place?

Saturday 23rd March, 2024 is the date set for visitation for all students in the school, indecent dressing will not be allowed inside the school premisses by the visitors.


How much is the school fees next term?

All parents should carefully read and understand the school circular given to the students at the end of the term. For more details please visit us or Contact Us .