Our School's Anthem


School Anthem

Iganga my pride and the joy of my heart
I will live forever to remember you
You are my joy, my pride
And my everything forever
I will live to love thee!
Oooh rise up
Now rise up shine like a ray
of light in the dark.
Bringing more light,
To our mother land,
My lovely school, Iganga my pride.

The quality of Education,
That I get from you still is the burning
Desire to many schools in the land,
Ever striving to serve,
My motherland as the motto,
To achieve excellence.
Oooh brighter SHINE brighter,
Till everyone, feels the power of your light
Bringing more knowledge to the child of this land,
Iganga S.S you are all that I love.

Higher and higher,
higher my school will rise,
Shinning for the future,
With the hand of the Lord
Leading on ahead my school will never be the same.
Brighter and brighter,
Brighter, Shinning like a star
like a glowing lamp in the dark,
Let your ray of light shine forever oneā€¦
Bringing pride and joy to my heart.