At Iganga Secondary School entry is selective, regardless of background or gender, and is entirely merit based..

Entry Requirements

"" For entry to the Ugandan O-level (S1), students require a score of 8 aggregates in the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). For A-level entry, the student must have scored a Division 1 in UCE (32 aggregates) (to include Mathematics and English) All original documents should be presented . Students that are good in sports activities on top of their good performance are of an advantage. ""

Admission to the UCE/UACE Combinations

"" The academic year for national courses begins after the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) and the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examination results are announced in January and March respectively. As soon as these results are released, parents should request for admission from the School’s, Admissions Office by presenting original copies of pass slips, and for students joining in Senior 2 and 3, copies of the last two school report cards. ""

Transfer from Other Schools

"" Students transferring mid-course must provide necessary information and may be required to sit for an entrance test and/or interview. A recommendation of good conduct and a leaving certificate from the previous school are necessary. Individual arrangements are made to place the student in the most appropriate class, if a place is available. ""

Application Forms

Application forms are available from the Head of Admissions . The following documents must be attached to the completed application form:
1.Copy of birth certificate
2.Two passport-sized photographs of the applicant
3.Copy of School Leaving Certificate from previous school
4.Copies of recent Progress Report cards from the previous class, issued by the last school attended
5.Copy of previous public exam results (UNEB or equivalent)
Note: The originals of all forms and certificates may be inspected.

Parents’ Guide

Upon successful admission to the School, the parent/guardian must sign an Obligations Form (addressing fee payment, student withdrawal, absence from school and conditions for promotion). There is also a School Regulations Form, signed by both the student and parent/guardian, establishing expected student conduct during the course of study. The Computer User Policy is another document (addressing use of computers, software and Internet in school) signed by the student and the parent/guardian. Note that entry also requires the parent/guardian to be physically present when the admission offer is accepted. The School sets a standard minimum grade attainment for promotion to the next class. This is presently:
1. Division 2 or better in UCE
2. Grade D average in UACE (10 points or better).